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21st Century Politics


Welcome to Star Party Of Canada's Webspace

It is time to build a political party for the 21st century that will discuss issues like Space Colonization, Space Mining, UFO Disclosure, Arcology Development, Future City Design, Flying Vehicle Legislation & Production, Automation, Robotics, AI, Digital Privacy, Electronic Voting, Direct Democracy, Banking Reforms, Universal Income, Cannabis Legalization version 2.0, Autonomy, Self-Sustainability, Advancing Human Rights, and Restoring The Environment

S.T.A.R Party Platform

S.  pace Colonization
T.  ech Development
A.  dvancing Civilization
R.  estoring The Earth

Our party's four pillar platform is aimed at ensuring Canada's success in the 21st century. Each platform pillar is composed of different goals that will support the gradual advancement of our civilization and will position Canada as a leader in the new Cosmic Frontier.

We will pursue the development of Starfleet technologies and infrastructure, Self-Sustainable City Technologies and Space colony prototype development, Advancing human rights and peacekeeping efforts, and addressing man made pollution and environmental damage caused by reckless industries at the expense of human lives and our planet's environment.

If we want to build a better future for ourselves as Canadians, we must be the change we seek and stand on guard for eachother and our nation's right to sovereignty and advancement in the cosmic frontier, against powerful forces of Globalism that seek to undermine our future. We must become the Vanguard of Canada's Cosmic Century.

Message From The Captain

STARDATE 2/23/19                                                                                     Toronto, CANADA

The world needs a voice of cosmic leadership; The Star Party of Canada shall champion the citizens of Canada's future participation in the space race and advocate a national strategy that will keep Canada competitive in the cosmic century ahead. We will encourage the continuation of international space cooperation, as we advocate for colonization and encourage other nations worldwide to re-prioritize military resources into space development and expanding the environment of our civilization to include orbital and lunar settlements. We will advocate for peace and encourage the advance of civilization, whilst our nation aims to boldly go where no nation has gone before.


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