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Canada should build a new mega-structure in the 21st century. What if instead of building oil pipelines, Canada shipped millions of lbs of cannabis seed by train to each province, & they refined their own bio-fuel? Instead of digging DOWN for oil that's a finite resource .. why not build UP instead and construct the world's largest vertical farm and use it to grow Cannabis for recreational, medical, and industrial use? Castle Dankinside, shall be the world's new tallest building & vertical farm, and stand as a symbol our growing high civilization. We'll cultivate the Highest Grade Ganja from all over the world, and produce Cannabis Seed for Bio-fuel to gradually replace Canada's need to dig up, or buy foreign oil, which is a finite resource. Why, When we can grow an infinite amount ourselves, would we continue to be dependent on fuel from nation's that do not share our respect for human rights? We can stop. We can change. The tower itself shall be constructed of Hempcrete & Carbon NanoTubes. Hemp farmers can produce 8,000 pounds of hemp seed per acre. When cold-pressed, the 8,000 pounds of hemp seed yield over 1135 liters of hemp seed oil.According to Statistics Canada,Canadians consume about 40 billion liters of gasoline a year.35,242,291 Acres set aside for Hemp farming would provide all of Canada's fuel needs, and this would stop us needing to dig up oil.There are 158.7 million acres of land in Alberta.If Alberta dedicated 25% of its land to growing hemp bio-fuel, we can stop digging for oil and supply 100% of our nations fuel needs with hemp bio-fuel. This should be a long term goal for Canada to pursue, allowing us to stop digging for oil and it would completely replace the need for pipelines. My goal in seeking to determine this was to try to figure out roughly how big of a vertical farm would we need to make to mass produce all of our fuel needs and then some. As someone who has studied Arcology architecture, I could theoretically try to design a model that's smaller and scale it up. I want to build a virtual model and use it as a campaign issue for the Star Party. By breaking it down into 25, 4 story facilities the size of Dubai's largest airport terminal seems more realistic than one that's 100 stories tall, but if we chose to pursue the largest possible size; carbon nanotube's that would make that feasible aswell... It would be the largest structure in the world. We should build it. Because we can. #CastleDankinside #LegalizationVersion2 #LevelUpTheNorth#ForwardToTheFuture #MakeItSo Star Party of Canada https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_buildings