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Private Billionaire Space Clubs or International Star fleet? Corporate Space Cities or a Democratic International Movement to develop a Cooperative Space Alliance and genuinely enhance human civilization? ... The choice is in our hands, and right now - while the majority of us are distracted by our daily lives; the rich plot on man's future. They are seemingly not content with today's riches, for in today's news we see how episodes like the paradise papers seemingly expose the actions of the world's elite. We should consider a tax haven state, like Luxembourg racing to privatize space as a tell tale warning of their goals of a potential agenda of a Global, or Cosmic type of Plutocracy. Instead of our future great human achievements being accomplished by our global or national efforts, will the rich boast about themselves, while the world is meant to eat from their hands? We've seen articles in the news of the rich literally attacking both democracy, and the declaring war, on the poor, whilst globalists openly advocate undermining the sovereignty of western democratic nations in favour of post-national globalism. A space nation has also recently declared independent statehood; Asguardia - it's future as it unfolds will be an interesting tale to keep an eye on. We have the technological means to reach the stars but only the rich can seemingly afford it at this point, not many others will be able to afford a space hotel getaway. The more development there is in space, the lower the price will drop; so if several nations put more priority on this or if one of them took seriously the notion of leading the way, which led to others doing the same - it could very easily spark the golden space age that is well within our reach. If there was a larger market, or a national or allied led development of these technologies and funding them became a top priority - the space market would potentially be available to all mankind within a very short period of time. If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together. Space is comprised of vast distances; and to surmount them - it may be better we go together. Small groups of rocket scientists and engineers have been doing this in short bursts over time, and achieved great results, but to achieve a space faring civilization; their going to need more of us willing to support that growing frontier - we have to all go together. Canadians have been leaders in Space before, and we've proposed radical cosmic ideas in the past like a Space Elevator so maybe it's time for Space politics. We've had multiple cosmic fly bys in the last two years; and whether their asteroids, falling space garbage, or mysterious interstellar intruders like Oumuamua [2]. It might be an idea for the world to put more effort into tracking China's falling space station, maybe even consider it as an additional test case for asteroid defense which interesting made the news headlines this year. There are already multiple efforts under way to develop, and organize starship building efforts of various designs as well as the various national space programs and potentially secretive military programs that are gradually being revealed - beyond billionaires and their pursuits. In the US, Tom Delong has been organizing efforts to bring many of the American's long buried secret technologies and programs to the public's awareness through a group called the 'To The Stars Academy'. For many years, many advocates have gathered at conferences for a group called the Disclosure Projectwhich includes highly credible speakers from all over the world and was discussed in May 9th, 2001. Real world starship programs include the NASA IXS Enterprise, Icarus Interstellar, the 100 Year Starship, among others. On the dawn of this new horizon we're also about to see myriad of new advanced and almost potentially magical seeming technologies developed; that may potentially change the human experience forever, which may greatly benefit us as we advance into space if we utilize them with caution and foresight. Without foresight, these technologies and their potential effects on the world and our future may be a pandora's box waiting to be unleashed. It may be wise for us to consider the implications of technologies as a democracy, rather than have super corporations unleashing their new technologies on the public and the government having to handle the outcome - or billionaire's having them to themselves while the rest of the world doesn't and they can use them to gain continual advantage others cannot afford. There are companies all around the world building technologies to enhance human eyesight, developing exoskeletons to enhance strength and endurance, life extension technologies, genetic modification technologies like CRISPR (some people were even doing this in basement laboratories). Cloning technologies for animals already exist and China recently enhanced the genetics of man's best friend to create a sort of super dog - maybe they'll replace horse racing in the future, that or riding robotic animals that run faster than today's auto-mobiles. We can have a future where everyone can have access to these kinds of technologies, or a world where only a few do and they flaunt it to the rest of us, as they've historically done. I'd rather if society is boasting about our technological achievements as we do, there's hope that al