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A Meteor Shower On Election Night

There seems to be a strange cosmic phenomenon that has mirrored our attempts to put a space party on Canada's ballot. Every time, we have made our attempt - despite the lack of success and lack of adequate numbers adopting our cause, the universe keeps throwing us a bone... or two. One of our major platform debate topics, has and always will be asteroid and planetary defense. In 2015, the bone thrown came in the form of a skull shaped asteroid passing by two weeks after the Election. This was while our party was still called the Cosmic Pirate Party, a futurist oriented branch of the Pirate Party. The Asteroid, known as "The Halloween Asteroid" or the "Skull asteroid" is pictured below. A Space Pirate themed Asteroid...

Given that we we're called the Cosmic Pirate Party, and that our platform was largely unnoticed... It gave a great sense of value to our efforts. If the world wasn't listening, it seemed in a certain sense - the universe certainly was. After a few years, and revisions of policies and reforms we have become our own independent force, the STAR Party... only to have members of the American government start to finally talk about Space Pirates.. and a Space force to fight asteroids... Was our message, actually heard? Did Trump somehow, or the Republicans - take note of our campaign? ... Maybe. We trolled many people and we were pretty loud online on social media. I'm sure that political parties must take notes or keep tabs on emergent parties to some extent... that would explain it to a degree.. If that is so, while the media laughs... We will continue to watch, observe and also laugh, at them for not knowing that the future is quickly approaching and that Space Piracy could very well become a thing, if we continue to encourage privateers in space without some sort of Space Force to act as a mediation force on higher seas.

Our attempt to put space issues on the ballot this time around in 2019, as the STAR Party of Canada, faced many different hurdles, personnel, meeting and finance wise, and we were unable to get onto the ballot but I do believe our efforts were not in vain. We have gained many more supporters as the STAR Party, promoted many valuable ideas, and our efforts have been taken note of by many other politicians and we are beginning to branch into other commonwealth nations such as the UK, Australia, India, and even Hong Kong. While the current Canadian liberal government may be intent on suppressing up and coming politicians, and attacking other parties and activists with different views on world issues, while continuing scandalous behavior in our high office - the future remains very bright. Our efforts continue to gain traction even after the election. Many space related issues will become more prevalent to mainstream society over the next four years and by 2023, and our goals will be in lock and step with the public's desire to build more public space infrastructure. We will also be much more organized and capable of making progress for Canadians by 2023. Building a new political party is no easy task, but it is an undertaking I am prepared for in the long run when it began. It took the Green Party nearly 28 years to get a seat in office after forming, but now we see them. If we can achieve the same in half the time (3-4 elections), that would be a game changing political event in Canada. So far, we're only about 4.5 years old; and we've made attempts to run in two elections. Making attempts to participate in by-elections, is our next objective and will serve as a warm up for 2023. Though we haven't succeeded just yet... we will, and until we do - it's likely that the universe is going to keep reminding us around election time that we should be looking, and thinking, of what's above and beyond. Our Cosmic reminder in the 2019 election came in the form of Orionid meteor shower on election night; left behind in the wake of Halley's comet. Timing wise, I don't think it could have worked out better. - The Captain

Orionids Meteor Shower - October 2019 #LevelUpTheNorth#ForwardToTheFuture #StarfleetEh #SpaceForceCanada #MakeItSo Star Party of Canada

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