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What is this

Star Party of Canada?

As we march forward into the future; It is my belief that we need prepare for the journey ahead by debating and discussing the future of humanity in Space; in great detail.


As a collective human species; we need come to terms with the state of our world and the state of our civilizations progress. We are at the dawn of our true space age; where man will begin to colonize and conquer the Stars. But how will we do so? Will we collaborate? Will we fight? Will we exploit carelessly for untold of profits, or aim to be self sustainable and responsible in our expanse...


It is my belief, that at this time the world needs more Cosmic Thinkers encouraging our ascent into space at a heightened pace. Whether through art and entertainment, or the dissemination and discussion of information. We can no longer afford to leave this issue for the rich to debate and pursue alone, who seem to seek to become Trillionaires in pursuit of Cosmic Riches, at the rest of the world's expense. Those same riches could fund a Golden Age on Earth if shared via Universal Income. Could the Universe - Make Universal Income a Reality? Yes. Could we abolish poverty, hunger, provide clean water, housing, and more with the limitless resources of the Universe; or will it become the Private property of Rich men Inc while poverty grows worse?

If we are smart enough, we can avoid the creation of Trillionaire Class of Space Moguls and put a stop to global wealth inequality continuing to grow worse, while also fixing the damage done by industry to our planet.... by pursuing an alternative course heading where direct democracy, and autonomous responsibility guides our future in Space. 


Join Our Fight For A Better Tomorrow.
#JoinTheCrew #MakeItSo 

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