Migrating Castles of Tomorrow ​

​ Our government is debating the future of Canadian immigration, and apparently, the UN has come up with a plan to demand Canada and other nation's around the world prepare for massive waves of uncontrolled, unprecedented immigration. I cannot agree with this illogical, liberal party plan to bolster their votes with immigrant votes with the help of the UN, but it's not surprising to say the least - they needed someone's help to defeat their own people, and clearly they aren't above cheating and being dishonest to get their way. They would spin a globalist outlook on us, even if that meant it overwrote our own Canadian perspective on the subject. Must it be European Globalism that determines the future? Or Might, a Canadian vision of Globalism - be a better way forward? I think it might be so, - and if not, Canadians might need stand on guard to make it so in the next election. I think there's a much better way to address the large movement of peoples in the future. Instead of cramming existing cities full of more people, without upgrading infrastructure - could we develop 'deployable' cities that could move to, and assist populations in need? This is a big idea, but it's not impossible with today's technology. We could as a nation; right now with today's technology start to 3D Print Seasteads - which alot of Private companies are working on, to generate major capital developing private countries or communities. To contrast and counter this currently private-enterprise led direction, Canada could develop contracts with these companies to develop many of them quickly; and also have the means to transport, and deploy them in cases of Emergency, or simply build new homes and towns for populations that need them on demand. These types of developments could act as Mobile Autonomous Canadian Colonies. Why limit them to the Ocean; when according to great minds like Buckminster Fuller (former head of MENSA) - we could also, theoretically deploy them in the air as well. Could Canada build and deploy Skysteads, Airsteads - or as I would call them Aircologies (Airborne Arcologies that can traverse the skies), to transport people in need like massive ferries away from natural disasters, or conflict? Why can't we put better ideas on the table, than opening up Canada's door to the world, to solving the world's migration problems - and make informed decisions upon those ideas, rather than the government dragging their feet in an archaic manner while the world's population is afflicted by conflict and climate change, and our leaders propose ignorant ideas like getting rid of borders. Instead, they ignore and attack youthful leaders with better ideas, while they arrogantly continue pursue their goal of world domination and world government, like they think they are playing Risk. What if the pieces stop playing such a game, and attack the hand moving them - then remodel the board and the rules? Gamers can change this game, we can hack it, we can reprogram it, so let's think about that being a possibility in this day and age - and actively determine as a community, where that road might take us if we rebuilt it. How could we build a better road for society to travel on? Well firstly, what if we created a new model for our future civilization, founded around the reality that our modern cities, are the major engines of change in our world's civilization. Game developers of the world design virtual worlds, and now we can 3D print new buildings, and theoretically - new towns. We can literally redesign and reprogram civilization, if we only chose to. We would need to develop an enhanced 21st century model of city governance, that may require us to look at things like Autonomous Governance models that would allow Cities to have the capacity to address our societies needs locally and in a timely manner. There are many ways we can approach this debate about the models of future cities, but it is a debate that needs to be had by the public, and not just Smart Cities with overzealous surveillance problems. I will encourage it be a part of Canada's future electoral debates, starting in 2019. In Canada, we already have Autonomous government models; ie. our Native reserves, which have a system of Governance that essentially allows them to conduct themselves in their own manner accordingly while still being a part of Canada. We could look at developing enhanced Autonomy systems for the future of modern Cities and Provinces in our next election, and discuss the benefits. Toronto could act as a test model and test bed for this type of future Autonomous governance model as a prerequisite to developing Migrating Canadian Towns. We could move away from Google's invasive SmartCity model and build one that's cooperative and work's much better for people on this side of the world. We could build one which opposes the invasive security-spy-state model Google is encouraging within their smart city model, and build one that's SMARTER not retarded like theirs. Google is now facing growing local opposition, and better models or alternatives, would be more than welcome at this point. So I plan to present one politically, while I also call for the breaking up of large tech giants that now threaten our Canadian future with an ideology that should be found nowhere but in 1984 and in school textbooks warning about the encroachment of authoritarianism. Canada should not only design smart cities that work autonomously, but also design and develop Seasteads and mass produce them as a nation, as some private Citizens have proposed for billionaires. I'm sure we'll head about Seastead Papers, like the Panama Papers, as a midway step to the Lunar and Mars Papers if we allow that to continue.... So, it is in my belief that such Seasteads and Airsteads, should be extensions of Nations with Sovereign Autonomous Authority to Govern their affairs within the constraints of the Canadian Constitution, so as to protect them from incursion from other nations, or private entities that might operate differently under Maritime law, while also protecting us from the Billionaire class who might exploit this for themselves. By developing this type of a system, nationally, whereas they operate as Autonomous Canadian communities; I see it as a prerequisite to launching Canadian Colonial Starships in the not so near future, that can operate similarly based on these test cases. This would allow our future Canadian Starships and Ocean Cities, to operate autonomously similar to how the Star Trek Enterprise, or many other Sci-fi Examples operate - based on the knowledge we gain from these test cities of a city of the future that operates for the most part, independently. It might take 8-10 years to research and develop viable and livable Seasteading and Airsteading technology, based on funding and support for private companies, but far less if there's considerable support for these ideas nationally, and a new Government and people of a nation get behind it. Let us seek to make it so with the Star Party of Canada. Join us, and we shall write a new chapter of history as we seek to Repair the Earth, Develop Technologically and Ecologically Friendly Cities, Advance Civilizations Pursuit of Human Rights, and accelerate Canada's race into Space. #ForwardToTheFuture #JoinTheCampaignForStarfleet2019