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It has become painstakingly clear that Lord Buckethead is no longer the only other Cosmic Political Aspirant in the world. President Trump, so it seems, has risen to the occasion. Perhaps the American President, or more likely the endless sprawl of America's government and it's eyes have taken notice of our political campaigning to turn Canada into a fledgling Space Power. Maybe America couldn't risk falling behind Canada with our campaigning for the 2019 election. With a Wildcard President like Trump - throwing the Space Force card, now America can also start campaigning for a Space Fleet, although calling it a Space Force - before an emerging Canadian political party makes building Star Fleet a 2019 election issue and lead's the world's discussion on this issue. Our position on Exopolitics? We should build an Embassy. Americas? Space Force to keep out Illegal Aliens... Luckily, while the American's playing this card may allow the US to regain a slight temporary upper hand in a field of Space and Exopolitics in which it was slacking for a time - it also plays into the hand of the Star Party of Canada's future because we no longer need to solely lead the call for space politicization alone, but rather now we can compliment our much larger neighbour and ally in their pursuit. We can also argue for, against, or pick at their policies - and use this developing scenario to further develop the debate our future in space in a justifiable manner. This means the Star Party's campaigning can no longer just be about a Canadian call for building Star Fleet.. There's now potentially a North American wide movement for Space development that is ripening and ready to flourish like never before.. 2019 could very well be the year that America is 'building a Space force' and Canada is electing a government intent on building technologies, and our own Star ships to contribute to an international space fleet. America and Trump's vision for Space doesn't need to be the only vision the world sees, but perhaps; him toting his will help people see the value and potential for the unfolding reality of others.. In the previous article, (Canadian Star Fleet) - I outlined 3 potential projects Canada could lead and contribute to in the Cosmic Realm. These are projects we can collaborate on with our allies; including America and other interested parties on the international stage. Going it alone, America seeks to go fast and dominate the future in space - but by going this great distance together, mankind will reach out further than ever before - and achieve things previous generations never thought possible. Let us make it so.