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Evidence of Cosmic Neighbours


Canada will lead the public discussion of Exopolitic's related issues, ie; alien Contact, our future alien presence on Mars, interplanetary affairs, the establishing of an Alien Embassy and the establishing of an Agency of Intergalactic Intelligence that will provide and disseminate information to the public.

As we discuss our own future march into space, we cannot help but look back at our own history and wonder about the potential influence that Cosmic visitors may have had upon our history. Seemingly, publicly, there has been a policy of non-interference in our worldly affairs (they aren't openly invading us, or causing detriment; they are seemingly observing us, while we observe them), whilst rumours of private collaboration between secret government agencies and otherworldly beings has been rumoured for decades. If we wish to open up a public discussion about these issues, and uncover the truth about potential past collaborations, or reasoning for their visitation - we need to further open up this conversation to the public, and build an Embassy where such entities can land publicly without being endangered - rather than labelling them as advanced aerial threats and attempting to shoot down their craft in order to obtain high level technology. Canada's Royal Canadian Mint recently released a "UFO coin" to commemorate a famous UFO encounter. Should we invest a bit more in a future government, that would openly pursue the study of Ufology and Exopolotics? It might be an idea worth considering.. 1 oz. Pure Silver Glow-in-the-Dark Coin - Canada's Unexplained Phenomena: The Falcon Lake Incident - Mintage: 4,000 (2018) Time-Space Embassy In 2014, the Raelien community requested Canada build an Alien Embassy that would allow for Cosmic Entities to land and contact mankind as a species. In response to this request, the Canadian government appointed Deepak Obhrai as Canada's designated Intergalactic Ambassador. In the near future, this position and a potential Embassy; would become critical pieces of Canada's Space Infrastructure. The Star Party would seek to see a Time-Space Embassy constructed if elected, for the purpose of encouraging and handling of Martian Colonization, as well as for handling potential contact scenarios with other civilizations, or time-space travellers. DISCLOSURE PROJECT Details: The Disclosure Project is an initiative led by over 300 professionals from various fields, including military, intelligence, doctors, police and other civilian agencies. For over a decade they have approached governments worldwide and led panel discussions on the subject of UFOLOGY and Disclosure of Black Budget Technologies developed from crashed disks. http://disclosureproject.org MUFON CANADA The Canadian chapter of the Mutual UFO Network MUFON Canada Website: http://mufoncanada.com Additional UFO Organizations: http://www.ufoinfo.com/organizations/org_cana.shtml UFO Tracking Programs The US recently disclosed that it had in the near past operated a UFO tracking program that was a multi-BILLION dollar effort... in the range of $600 Billion. So this is clearly of interest to their government. It should be to ours, and not only our government but our entire society as a whole. US - UFO tracking Program This program's publication; proves, without a doubt - that the study of UFOs and UFOlogy are scientifically and politically valid, based on the US governments multi-billion dollar investment in tracking these objects and their occupants. Beyond that, we're left to realm of declassified files, whistleblower accounts, alleged reports of sightings and abductions, and other x-file like cases buried within a mountain of conspiracy theory. I'll poke at a few of the more popular theories to seek to make or break their factuality, as well as dig at some of those lesser known one's from beyond the common conspiracy knowledge bank. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Alleged Neighbours Throughout popular culture, ufology and various conspiracy theories, many different Cosmic Entities have been presented as possible real world visitors. Below, a list of the most common claims and details of their origins and mythology are posted for the purpose of debating potential contact scenarios. In order to better understand the field of Exopolitics, and mankind's future destiny among the Stars - we need be aware of our potential neighbours and their attempted influence on our history, and potential influence on our future. If a new Cosmic Nation is emerging (Humanity), would there be any potential that space-powers or cosmic neighbours might try to influence us to see things their way - like human superpowers do, to fledgling nation states? We believe that it is in our own human interests, to consider these rumours accordingly; as we charter our own Cosmic Course of the Future as an exercise to prepare society for real contact scenarios in the distant, or not so distant future. SUMMARIZATION NOTE - This list is a compilation of data based on a mixture of prominent Exopolitics research, UFO disclosure files, UFO hearings, and reported encounters. It is meant to serve as a theoretical foundation for our future Exopolitics policies; encouraging public debate about our future in space and how we might handle a variety of different Extraterrestrial encounters with different species, with different agendas - should they be encountered in a manner of the third kind, in the not so distant future. Last Updated: 4-24-18 Tall Whites Claimed Origin: Zeta Reticuli Details: Paul Hellyer, Canada's WW2 Defense Minister - has openly sta