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The Trans-Canada Highway will be gradually redeveloped into a Solar Roadway that will act as a power generator across Canada. - Star Party Proposal #3 Around the world, Solar bike paths, and solar roads are being constructed to demonstrate how unused surfaces can generate power and act as more than just a surface to travel upon. Across Canada, the trans Canada highway is a gigantic road that stretches across our country - that could serve as a giant solar belt if we we're smart enough to approach the issue from a long term, scientific and green perspective. Our proposition seeks to inspire the political spark that leads to that discussion becoming part of Canada's next election. With that said - If we're going to upgrade our cross-Canada highway system to a road of the future, we shouldn't stop at just developing Solar roadways; but rather - we should rethink and re-envision what road's of the future might look like as a whole based on current and upcoming studies, and develop a long-term strategy to implement their construction via Star Party policies. Currently, across the world there are multiple existing and in development solar road projects: - Solar Roads - Solar Bike paths - Solar Highways Technologies that can grow Algae along or over top of roads can be strategically placed along the highway to grow fuel that could be transferred to strategically located processing/refueling stations, that could re-charge electric cars and refuel cars using algae-based petroleum that is grown and refined, rather than extracted from the ground. A combined electric/biologically friendly alternative oil strategy, adopted nationally and encouraged along our national highway would help encourage a gradually greener future. Algae-Roadside Farming Algae Bio-fuel Conversion Inventors like Elon musk are proposing constructing terminals where cars can drive in and take shuttles at high speeds underground, maybe our future highway should include this option for long distance travellers. Maybe we should dually consider that flying transportation emerging, such as hover-bikes (Scorpion Link) and hover cars (Hover Car Link) might lead us to consider putting a 'mesh'-like carbon nanotube roof over-top of our highways that could potentially serve to catch any aerial craft that need to make emergency landings, and building Air transportation logistical infrastructure into our future highway systems. These changes are coming, we can be prepared, or deal with them after the fact. In principal, the Star Party policies as a whole aim to guide society forward in a way that better prepares us for the road ahead - so let's start, by building one. Other technologies; that could be integrated with our Future Solar Highway Project would greatly enhance our civilization, are also being considered. - Automated Smart Lanes - Sub-surface / Aero lane Interchange Stations - Eco-Bridges / Tunnels - Solar Roofing / Solar Covered Tunnels - Solar Powered Signs / Lighting

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