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An Evil Space Lord has set his sights upon England, and Canadian's need be weary of this character and his ambitious plot..

As Space policies become more pressing of an issue in the near future - those who do not readily advance prepared into this new realm of policy, shall be left behind by those who can, and shall pursue it readily for their own interests. As such, the realm of advancing Space policy within the Commonwealth and the world; cannot solely be left in the hands of a self-proclaimed Space Lord that seeks to abolish the house of Lords with the exception of his own Lordship, nor billionaires who seek their own gain, but rather perhaps in the hands of a voice of the people - a voice of the people of the future, to oppose these characters who seek to upend it for their own gain. The world needs real Cosmic Leadership, a Star Captain of the people; to fight for the advancing of human rights and human exploration - to counter this Space Lord seeking world domination and re-subjugation of mankind under the iron fist of Cosmic Imperialism. Given recent developments in space age development, space advocating political candidates will likely receive a large boost of support within the next decade. Without counter measures in place, this Lord Buckethead and his plans for Galactic Empire might gain considerable support in the UK, which could lead to disastrous results for Democracy across the Commonwealth and for Space policy across the world. Countries like Jamaica, and New Zealand; both commonwealth nations - have both recently rallied support for becoming independent republics in recent months. Given the nature of circumstances ongoing in England in regards to this evil space lord, perhaps a Space-aspiring Canada should considering holding a referendum on the direction of our political future, before we launch ourselves into the Cosmic Ocean. Can civilization be truly equal and truly democratic, if mankind is ruled by a hierarchy - that dictates institutional inequality? Might Canada's future be better served by requesting the Monarchy provide Canada it's own King from the Queen's extended family so we don't have an absentee landlord? Could we have Harry? Or could Canada potentially pass reforms that would allow Canadian's to elect a King or might we even potentially advocate the Governor General; become an electable position? Potentially - we could go the way of the US, and hold a referendum on becoming a Space-faring Republic - which would sever and protect Canada from the UK and the antics of this treacherously clever Evil Space Lord Buckethead.. Such monumental changes to Canadian law, could only legally occur by referendum by a majority party - but if we seek to advance our democracy at all in the Cosmic Age; seemingly first we must determine and debate the potential paths, and subsequently set our course on that one most appropriate for advancing the interests of Canadians and democracy. The Star Party of Canada will as such; advocate open debate in regards to advancing our Canadian democracy in the space age, and will seek to organize and launch an entire party of Space candidates under the leadership of Star Captain Dread; to counter the heinous efforts of this Lord Buckethead in the United Kingdom. Leading up to the 2019 election, Star Party advocates will encourage the debate of potential future courses of Canadian space history under various forms of potential future governance - such as a Cosmic Canadian Republic, Galactic Empire, North American Superstate, and other various ideas to provoke intellectual debate and gauge interest at what Canadian's think our Cosmic Future should look like. If we, the people of Canada, do not present and consciously build an alternative, seemingly this Space Lord of the UK and American Billionaire Space Entrepreneurs will continue their rise unchallenged; and their plans for space will become more prevalent in the media and in the minds of the public. An alternative thought is required; an alternative counter-culture space movement that is bold to inspire, and captivate citizens for generations to come. An evil space lord, might attempt to present a vision for our cosmic future, but his vision is seemingly merely for his own gain - whereas that of the Star Captain and the Star Party; seeks to see the world gain, as we launch our civilization into the Cosmic Age. The following counter proposals, were made in Canada in 2017. In this ongoing fight to determine our cosmic destiny, between the Lord Buckethead and Star Captain Dread - will Canadian's help the Star Party fight for the Evolution of our Democracy, or sit back and watch as Galactic Imperialism solidifies a foothold on our future? Whatever shall we do? Let's start by debating the potential future paths our nation might take, debate it thoroughly, and then pursue what's best for Canadians. In the coming year, we will launch a kick starter campaign to help spread awareness and raise funding to pursue our cause. If you are interested in making a donation to our efforts, contact us. The Future is what we make of it.