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Mars Papers or Star Fleet?

Mars Papers or Star Fleet?

The Canadian Space Industry, as well as Universities and Colleges will receive and increase in funding and support so that we can build Spaceport's in Ontario and BC and effectively compete in the Space Economy as a nation. - Star Party Proposal #2 Canada will nationally challenge the Private Pursuit of Trillion dollar asteroids by putting national resources into beating them there and claiming it for our citizens and the development of our Star Fleet Program. - Star Party Proposal #5 Instead of building new aircraft and naval ships; Canada's military will focus on the research and development of a multi-capable interplanetary defense force; The Canadian Star Fleet - that is capable of operating on land, air and sea, to compensate for potential variations of future operations. - Star Party Proposal #13 Mars Papers or Star Fleet? Nations began their Cosmic March decades ago, but in the recent decade we see the eyes of the billionaire class begin to plot on the future of space exploration. According to the outer space treaty, no nation, nor corporation can claim Cosmic Territory and that any of use of space must be for the benefit of all mankind. Within the US, voices lobbied the government to enact the Space Act of 2015 after a Canadian Political Campaign (Cosmic Pirate Party of Canada) encouraged the nationalization of the industry earlier the same year. Some conspiratorially argue this was to cover themselves for existing secret corporate space programs that are rumoured about all over the internet, to prevent these programs from being in potential violation of the Outer Space Treaty. The US has seemingly recently made a very heavy handed attempt to be the 'authority on space' as a measure of ensuring they 'lead', even coming out swinging on the UFO subject at the end of 2017. If there's a new Space Race going on - and it's billionaire's vs everyone else whose not yet paying attention; so shouldn't Canada consider its position in the race, and consider a strategy to get our nation ahead so our people can compete in the economy of the future? I think Space development should be an economic and military priority; a means of protecting the economic interests of future citizens of Canada and the world, deserving of national and international collaborative pursuit. If asteroids potentially worth trillions are passing by our planet, this could drastically transform the entire Planet's economy and our way of life; such a monumentous transformational task should not be left to the hands of billionaire's who don't always have the interests of the public in mind. We can delve into countless science fiction films where Corporations at the helms of Starships has led to injustice and disaster, such as the classic Alien... Weyland corporation determines an entire crew is expendable, in order to smuggle a dangerous alien lifeform past Quarantine and risk all of human civilization to create a bio-weapon. Another scenario that's more recently brought up is in the movie Avatar, where a Corporation mercilessly destroys the homes and towns of indigenous lifeforms on Pandora to harvest its rare elements. Is this the type of footprint man will one day leave on the Cosmos? Dark Matter, a Canadian sci-fi features a story about a Corporation that seeks to use mercenaries to wipe out colonists secretly, to achieve its goals while justice in the Cosmic realm has become a long lost relic as Corporations battle for supremacy. Luckily, this dreadful Star Captain himself made an appearance in a space jail in season 2 of Dark matter, amongst other sci-fi shows and he has taken it upon himself to consider this foreshadowing of space from a political perspective. Seemingly, this is the picture we paint - but is there an alternative we've yet to consider? Is a techno-corporate space faring society - our inevitable course heading? - Or shall we ponder the path ahead and plot to re-steer the wheel of the world, onto a brighter future course? One all Canadians, can pursue together. Let's make it so.