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ALL non-violent Cannabis related charges will be erased. Legalization of Cannabis Legislation will be enhanced, and a public apology issued for past damages caused by prohibition. - Star Party Proposal #10 Months of watching the government fumble and recover through countless blunders, is a painful experience. Years and decades are dreadful, but not nearly as dreadful as continuing to hear the lies of prohibitionists who seek to belittle, control and slander this herb; which to many - serves as a sacrament and its use a religious rite. Prohibition of alcohol was lost to history when those who drink wine as a sacrament - demanded their rites be respected by law. Seemingly, in the form of legalization put forward thus far, such is something not yet achieved. So in 2019, when the Liberals have completed their fumble - we shall present Legalization version 2.019, which will be a plan to patch the Liberal legalization bill with one that is more adequate and resolves remaining issues. Note that the Liberal legalization process is still underway, and as such, this counter-proposal will be updated accordingly leading up to the 2019 Election with suggestions from the existing Cannabis Community. Legalization v.2.019 Comments on the Cannabis Act, 1) The Cannabis Act, as it stands - fails to take into account the will and demands of the people of the existing cannabis community, and as presented by the Liberal government makes no apology for the past prohibition of Cannabis and its detrimental effect on the Canadian Public 2) The Cannabis Act, is in need of reform in order to account for the demands of the cannabis community; which by and large has been openly ignored by the government in favour of corporations with powerful lobbying interests with major political financial influence 3) The Cannabis Act, fails to legalize Cannabis as it still remains a criminal act. 4) The Cannabis Act, fails to uphold medical patients access rights and infringes upon the spiritual rites of Cannabis users. 5) The Cannabis Act, was hastily passed by the government while they continued to penalize the existing Cannabis Community 6) As such - The Cannabis Act, will requires further public discussion, debate and amendments in 2019 and possibly beyond 7) A public apology will be issued for a decades long criminalization of a public resource and medicine, and hastily completed monopolistic legislation. The Star Party will seek the following Amendments in 2019: - Possession Limits on Cannabis will be removed. - Plant Limits for personal gardens will be removed. - Regulations for Edible Cannabis products will be immediately pursued. - Creation of a National Licensing System which permits Lounges & Dispensaries. - All Non-violent cannabis related crimes will be stricken from the Public Record. - Cannabis-related medical studies will receive full media publication. Research on every available strain's effect on various medical conditions, will be pursued publicly; and a campaign to encourage medical awareness of Cannabis uses from the results, will be pursued by the Star Party. + More Proposed Amendments Are Currently Undergoing Consideration