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Democracy V.2.019


Every Canadian Citizen will be given the option of downloading an APP, that helps us collaboratively participate, operate, direct and maintain the entity known as GOVERNMENT at a municipal, provincial, and federal level. - Star Party Proposal #1 Enhanced voting information and training materials for collaborative, voluntary app-based governance, will be provided through schools and online to prepare students for participation/observation of enhanced democracy. - Star Party Proposal #11 Democracy needs an upgrade for the space age, an overhaul arguably; that aims to empower our citizens today and tomorrow. The world as is, has become a difficult place to navigate and be heard for the individual unless they create a platform and build an audience. Multi-billion dollar corporations seeking to control the mainstream narrative of the world drive forward a message of endless cyclic consumerism; while ignoring the multitude of festering problems this mentality reaps as they pile onto and erode our democracies. We're either going to overhaul our system by drastic political reform, or it's going to continue to run into serious issues as these ageing institutions struggle to keep up with our ever changing modern world. We can do this now, and brainstorm and organize a transformational peaceful reform of government that prepares us adequately for the Space Age - or we can drag our feet as the current political dinosaurs in office seemingly do, and do nothing of the sort. I'd rather not maintain the status quo, seeing as it's not been serving the interest of the people but rather the invested interests of the Elite and the pockets they pad and putting us on a course to collision. I'd much rather, we need instigate the intellectual spark of change, that is required to flip the proverbial light switch to ON and escape from this dark age of Corporatocracy. Change is the only constant in the universe and seemingly - 'Tis a change of Cosmic proportion that the world's in need of now. One means of putting the power back in the hands of the people, would be by means of an APP for smartphones; that puts Canadian's in direct connection with their representatives and empowers them as citizens to actively engage with their democracy. The STARCOM APP is currently IN DEVELOPMENT. Starcom APP Features will be listed below later in 2018, and further debate about it's final feature list will occur before it is publicly released in 2019. STARCOM APP Features (Pending) - Feature List: Coming in 2018 - Current Bills: Explained in Plain English! - Upcoming Bills: Explained in Plain English! - Local Polling: Constituency organized votes on every issue, delivered to MP/MPP representatives before final vote in Parliament - Local Debate Forum: Constituency organized debates on Municipal issues - Provincial Debate Forum: Provincially organized debates on Provincial issue - International Debate Forum: Nationally organized debates on Federal Issues - Maps of Voting Regions + More!

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