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Before we traverse and conquer the vastly infinite realm of the Stars, mankind needs take to, colonize and conquer the skies of the Earth. In the near future, companies like Amazon plot to construct behemoth flying warehouses that will be automatically be resupplied by drones, which will travel across the continent delivering large quantities of goods to their customers. Taken a few steps further, drone cars, flying vehicles, and helicopters could be seen landing on similar airborne platforms - that could indeed, serve a much larger purpose. Some modern designers have imagined future blimp's acting as cruise liners in the sky, but decades earlier, a man named Buckminster Fuller envisioned a structure called a Cloud Nine Tensengrity Sphere which is a literal, city platform in the sky. Geodesic domes dot the Earth's landscape, including one at Toronto's former Ontario place - which are reminders of the man's designs and their influence. Scaled much larger, and heated from within; Fuller proposed these structures would become buoyant in the Air; much like a Hot Air Balloon on a city sized scale. Will the sky be conquered by corporations like Amazon, or will a nation and its people plot on the Clouds? What purpose might developing airborne platforms be worth for a nation? Apparently not long ago, the US put out a public request looking to invest in developing the concept further... Maybe they have one or a fleet - stashed away, or are working on such somewhere in secret ... Such vessels would not be restricted in reach by the water, and in combination with a fleet of drones and support aircraft; could act as a mobile castle or fortress in the sky. Today's cutting edge technologies will soon see this reality of flying cities, become our living reality with the right political support and vision to drive it forward. The pinnacle of Arcology archetypes which we advocate developing; would be the Aircology, which in itself - is a stepping stone to building mobile capable space colonies and self sustainable city sized star ships. Over the course of a four year term, a Star Party government would invest in a long term strategy that would ensure our nation is at the forefront of the space and air technology development by pursuing the adoption of legislation enabling the public use of flying technologies, and encouraging the rapid development of contracts for building new Canadian aerial platform cities, to serve public interest. Aircology Overview Aircology Complex - Self Sustainable Aircology Complex - Powered by Combination of Fuel Sources - Built using Cloud Nine tensengrity sphere technology - Residential, Commercial and Industrial Zoning - Uses Artificial Intelligence to manage Air Traffic / Aircology logistics Air Transportation Systems - Hover bikes - Hover Cars - Flying Trucks - VTOL Aircraft - Helicopters - Personal Flight Devices Star Party Proposals Canada will dedicate a portion of R&D funding towards developing a mobile-capable home system called an AiRV (alike an RV, with a quad-copter flight system); which will park with Apartment-like docking complexes, allowing for future living flexibility and mobility. - Star Party Proposal #4 Canada will encourage the development, legislative adoption, and proliferation of flying car, hover-bike, AiRV, and related technologies worldwide. - Star Party Proposal #8 Canada will develop a Cloud Nine Platform (Tensengrity Sphere) - Star Party Proposal #9 Hover boards for All. A Canadian Inventor build a working hover board device in 2016, and every Canadian should have one in the future. - Star Party Proposal #15