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Star Captain's Of Tomorrow

Traditionally, when people think of the concept of realistically achievable super-human capabilities; our mind may wander in the direction of cartoon heroes like Batman. A rich, self-aggrandized caped crusader who uses gadgets and gizmos to enhance his natural capabilities in the pursuit of fighting crime and delivering justice. In terms of capabilities - a belt with tools, enhanced modes of vision, the ability to fly and specialized vehicles and technologies seemingly give him the edge over the competition. Unfortunately, in the real world today - none of the world's billionaire's have seemingly taken this opportunity and run with it. So maybe Canada's next Prime Minister should? Let's consider the concept: What would a Super-human Prime Minister, be capable of in today's world? What kind of impact, might an individual of such capacity, have on the future? Would it inspire a generation to see the possibility of mankind moving into a new age of cosmic prosperity and unlocking new human capabilities unlike any that had been seen before in history? Vladimir Putin seems to think Supersoldiers more powerful than nuclear weapons; are on the cusp of our emerging reality, but what about Superpoliticians and a Supercivilization? What kind of path, might a nation of super-humans forge on our way into the future? Would we be a nation of batmen, a nation of heroes - or would this quickly spiral out of control and lead to untold disaster? Both paths are a seeming possibility, if we are not informed and prepared for this time ahead, and in the world's current state I dread the latter coming to fruition. As such, I seek to stand between that path and one more prosperous for all of humanity. The world needs stellar leadership that can lead us upon a new course as we bravely go where no man has gone before - and I don't think Billionaire's or the like, have any more intent of leading humanity forward than they do losing their financial status. It's simply not in their play book. There's no gain to be had for the Elite, by empowering the citizenry to stand as their equal. This is in my opinion because they are short sighted and selfish; and Canada and the world - needs leaders who think long term, who will consider the value of an enhanced society and the impact these technologies will have on the world stage, and to pursue this in realistic stages of public developm