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Star Captain's Of Tomorrow

Traditionally, when people think of the concept of realistically achievable super-human capabilities; our mind may wander in the direction of cartoon heroes like Batman. A rich, self-aggrandized caped crusader who uses gadgets and gizmos to enhance his natural capabilities in the pursuit of fighting crime and delivering justice. In terms of capabilities - a belt with tools, enhanced modes of vision, the ability to fly and specialized vehicles and technologies seemingly give him the edge over the competition. Unfortunately, in the real world today - none of the world's billionaire's have seemingly taken this opportunity and run with it. So maybe Canada's next Prime Minister should? Let's consider the concept: What would a Super-human Prime Minister, be capable of in today's world? What kind of impact, might an individual of such capacity, have on the future? Would it inspire a generation to see the possibility of mankind moving into a new age of cosmic prosperity and unlocking new human capabilities unlike any that had been seen before in history? Vladimir Putin seems to think Supersoldiers more powerful than nuclear weapons; are on the cusp of our emerging reality, but what about Superpoliticians and a Supercivilization? What kind of path, might a nation of super-humans forge on our way into the future? Would we be a nation of batmen, a nation of heroes - or would this quickly spiral out of control and lead to untold disaster? Both paths are a seeming possibility, if we are not informed and prepared for this time ahead, and in the world's current state I dread the latter coming to fruition. As such, I seek to stand between that path and one more prosperous for all of humanity. The world needs stellar leadership that can lead us upon a new course as we bravely go where no man has gone before - and I don't think Billionaire's or the like, have any more intent of leading humanity forward than they do losing their financial status. It's simply not in their play book. There's no gain to be had for the Elite, by empowering the citizenry to stand as their equal. This is in my opinion because they are short sighted and selfish; and Canada and the world - needs leaders who think long term, who will consider the value of an enhanced society and the impact these technologies will have on the world stage, and to pursue this in realistic stages of public development. Before looking at the bigger picture, let's break down the various technologies already in existence or in development, and look at how they might enhance the human experience, and how such technologies might help the Star Captain of the Star Party, more effectively govern our nation in the future. First off, Transhumanism in itself is a growing philosophy, community and political movement which aims to continually improve humanity. It promotes science and technology being used to benefit to the common man's advancement. Ultimately it aims to free mankind from biological limitations and give us capabilities that essentially make us, more than human. Some science fiction authors refer to this state of being as Human+, superhuman, or post-human. One thing that will drastically change how we experience the world is the plethora of new artificial senses or enhanced sensory perception starting to become available on the market. The US military conducted countless studies on telepathic capabilities of humans throughout the 60s and 70s, but in today's world Elon Musk actively pursues the development of technological telepathy with great vigour. Using a brain-computer-interface, individuals can use their mind to actively control and interact with a computer; which might extend to a variety of devices including robotic limbs and appendages (both for amputees and as additional add on limbs), or even give us control over robotics or drone's that can act as literal robotic extensions or appendages of the body that aren't limited by your range of bodily motion. Some prosthetics are becoming so advanced that their sense of touch is now greater than what the human body can achieve on its own, and by utilizing brain-machine-interfaces - we can potentially enhance our natural senses with artificially enhanced components. Many cultures oppose amputations or physical modifications of the body, but the reality of these technologies now is that many of them could be adopted like smart phones - so rather than them being installed or permanently fixed to the body, we can set a goal to aim to develop systems that we can pick up and use when it's necessary which will allow for citizens to retain their beliefs. These new senses may also flood the mind with new information as do our phones, and sometimes; it might be a good thing to have the capability to switch off, or unplug. Augmented Vision technologies are already on the cusp of development, and as an individual this might help us keep track of our personal information in a more fluent way. Essentially, it's like your phone has been strapped over your eyesight without impeding your view but rather enhancing it. This is obviously very useful for the Gaming industry, with examples like Google Cardboard, but it could also be used for more realistic, world enhancing feats like providing governments with live feeds of public information, or access to enhanced information on topics being discussed in parliament. A Prime Minister using Augmented Vision technology could stop using paper notes, and literally read them off a digital screen before their own eyes - enhancing their own capabilities while also saving the trees. Those familiar with the science fiction saga called the X-men may even envision a future PMO sitting in a protected room like Charles Xavier inside of Cerebro; using technological telepathy and augmented vision to communicate and even potentially manage the world outside from a relative point of safety. We're really not that far off, from some of those mutations being possible by technological means - enhanced strength, speed, telepathic capabilities, and even literal genetic mutations are entering the world of possibility with technologies like CRISPR and biohackers literally hacking their own genetic code. Note that in the US, and in other countries the government has threatened crackdowns and arrests of basement biohackers which in itself shows this technology is viable, but not understood by our governments. We need a generation of governor's raised on science fiction, to address these technologies so that we may adequately be prepared for their unleashing upon society. Mobility enhancing devices that will allow people to move faster, or in new ways; such as personal flying transportation - will drastically transform human experience. With the combination of flying cars, hoverbikes, and personal jetpacks on the horizon; we need a government that will not only regulate and legislate these technologies but also put them to their best use. Augmented vision is already helping motorcycle drivers and in the aerial vehicle market; this type of technology will be a necessity to ensure 360 degree visibility and for giving flyers a digitally augmented road drawn by GPS. Exoskeleton suits that enhance human endurance, human strength, or simply help the Elderly cope with old age, are poised to transform the human experience and allow us to achieve physical feats a lifetime of strength training could not. Artists and enthusiasts of Japanese Animation have for generations, presented imagery of giant machine 'mechs' controlled by skilled pilots that are the peak of Exoskeletal technologies. These types of machines might help us more easily mine or traverse difficult terrain on other planets; or we might see them continue to serve as Televisions entertainment, as these monster machines battle like some sort of mechanical version of World Wrestling Entertainment.. Stem Cell science and gene thereapy is advancing rather rapidly and the technologies emerging from that study may drastically change much of the human experience on their own. With the ability to use your own cells to regenerate tissue rapidly in many different organs, we might be able to push back, or eventually conquer the ageing process. Transhumanist Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan, ran for US President in 2016 on a platform to be the first President to live forever which might seem as a shock to some who are unaware, but this is the reality presently unfolding in our midst. Biohacker's are using CRISPR technologies to remove genetic defects in themselves, potentially curing themselves of diseases which might have otherwise been uncurable using the science of yesterday - which forces us to ask if we should we promote this, oppose it, or allow it to run its natural course? Enhanced Intelligence is also near possibility, with the capability of uploading information in a matrix-like manner one can instantly learn new skills and capabilities. There are also studies being done on increasing the human brain's storage capacity, which seems a bit invasive but can be very helpful for stroke victims or alzheimer's patients. Mind uploading; the concept of uploading your consciousness into a machine which would allow people to live forever in a Chappy style reality is already far advanced in its development as well. Last but not least, Artificial Intelligence might come into play in enhancing the human experience. Whether personal AI, like Cortana to the Master Chief, or an AI that helps us manage teams, cities, or nations will drastically improve the capabilities of leaders to gather, organize and put information to use. Having a personal AI assistant that could help a Prime Minister completing his tasks; might drastically accelerate what that individual is capable of on a scale never before seen. Some nations believe there is a technological AI war that's going on across the world - maybe it's time Canada stepped up and took lead of the race. If there's a nation of super-humans that is to emerge on the world stage in the near future; if we play our cards right - it could be Canadian.

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