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Round 2 of 4 with TC4


Discovered in 2012, 2012 TC4 has passed by us now twice, both times it's trajectory being altered by Earth's gravitational pull. It's near-earth-object status is due to continue, at least until it's next predicted fly by in the year 2050. After this 3rd round, we'll hope that humanity has taken these fly-bys as nature's way of asking how our Space Program is coming along - more seriously. If Canada elects the Star Party in 2019, we'll work towards developing an international plan to blow that asteroid out of the sky in 2050. It's fourth interaction with us, in 2079; is predicted to be an impact event. This is 62 years from now, and these fly bys serve as a good reminder from nature to our species - of the need for us to prepare for long term existential threats to our civilization. Sixty-two years to potentially mobilize 9 Billion citizens. Whether in orbital cities, star ships, airborne cities capable of moving, cities on Mars or the Moon - we should plan accordingly, to be able to migrate our civilization out of harms way. That could be the Goal - just in case. If no impact happens in 2050 or 2079; because it misses, or we blow it out of the sky - we'll be able and ready to handle any future ones, we'll kick start the Space Age, learn how colonize celestial bodies, build space-worthy self sustainable cities, and we could even start repairing the planet from man made impacts. Onwards and Upwards.

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