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Toronto Arcology Coop Project

Global Arcology Network The State of Arcology Projects worldwide Updated: 2/25/19 Arcologies are large city-like structure's that combine high technology with Ecological living. Arcologies will help to concentrate and maximize a populations working efficiency and also provide a means of self-sustainability for the population living within it. The Arcology model, would be an ideal base design for an off-planet city, town, or village; and as such - several small scale habitats, for off-world purposes are being developed in the United States and in Canada's North. There are (9) Arcology projects that have established that I will be covering in 2019s reports; these being the major projects currently underway, or built as of January 2019.

REAL WORLD ARCOLOGIES 1) Arcosanti, Arizona 2) Masdar City, Dubai 3) Crystal Island, Russia 4) Dongtan, China 5) Begich Towers, Alaska 6) Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid 7) Dubai City Tower 8) Noahs Ark, (USA) 9) Toronto Arcology Coop Latest News Reports Over the last 3 years, very few news articles about Arcologies or relative technologies that can be used to build self sustainable, autonomous, and highly technological cities have found their way into the mainstream. A few large companies are aiming to build Arcology-like structures in Toronto, while not using the Arcology name to seemingly keep our localized coopeartive project under the radar while encouraging a more globalist and spy-state like development processes in contrast to our future citizen-centric cooperative platform. We seek to organize communities to govern themselves as townships, autonomously, and move the world away from Globalist governments so that future colonies in Space - may also live Autonomously and not beneath a Global Government. Arcologies to us, encourage freedom, self sustainability, and autonomy - and we shall pursue this politically on a national level and locally in the city of Toronto. Arcology Block-chain Model Arcosanti The City of the Future by Paolo Soleri Vertical Farm Arcology is a Self Sufficient Urban Environment == DEBRIEFING: FLYING CITY REPORTS == Note, that several hundred witnesses in two different incidents in different regions of the world; reported sightings of flying cities in 2016. Subsequent information about these reports are listed below. China Bauchi, Nigeria We are currently looking for designers, developers, architects, engineers, scientists, and potential future Arcology residents. Join Our Community -

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